School Kit & Lesson Plan

Apii maracasEvery year more and more schools take part in Loud Shirt Day. Staff and pupils have a great time comparing their unfashionably bright outfits and raising money to help deaf children learn to listen and talk. This year the theme is 'proud to be loud - animal prints and wild animal onesies' - so get amongst it!

Have fun
Loud Shirt Day is a great opportunity to build team spirit, have a laugh and celebrate everybody's unique shirts and outfits. Why not hold a Loud Shirt Day themed mufti day, bake sale, fashion parade. Hold a special awards ceremony during class and hand out Loud Shirt Day certificates to those who have made an extra effort to stand out. 
Want to make it a bit more fun? Put some house group points up for grabs for the class that raises the most donations!

Plus there's heaps more information about how our ears work, hearing, deafness and preventing hearing loss so check out our school kit and lesson plans. Explore what it means to be deaf in your class and also test what sort of noise levels pupils are exposed to.  

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