Brighten up your working day with Loud Shirt Day!

Poppy MexicanaLoud Shirt Day is fun and easy plus it’s a great opportunity to build team spirit, have a laugh and celebrate everybody’s unique shirts. Why not hold a special awards ceremony at morning tea and hand out Loud Shirt Day certificates to those who have made an extra effort to stand out. Spread the word about why your firm is giving deaf kids a voice to your customers and suppliers. Due to popular demand, we’ve brought back the Loud Shirt Day collection boxes this year. Pop yours on your counter and encourage others to donate to Loud Shirt Day too!

And don’t forget the Corporate Challenge - why not challenge different departments within your firm, maybe the admin team could compete against the sales team, for example? Or why not challenge other companies in your building or who work in the same area as you, maybe plumbers could challenge other plumbers, or car dealers could challenge other car dealers? Check out our online fundraising option on to watch how your team does on the day compared to other companies.

Challenge the Boss

Ask the boss if your company can match the combined donations of its staff. Your company's donation will help more deaf and hearing-impaired children develop clear, natural-sounding spoken language. On receipt of the donation we will send a GST receipt to your company in their name so they claim back a third at the end of the financial year.